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to lend your money o▓n it.That was a loss.’ But the ver●y same day the old gentleman▓ came in and bought it, which was▓ a surprise.” “Ah, I see.Could you t▓ell me, Mr.Arkush, of whom you g▓ot it originally—who pledged it with you▓” “Du lieber Gott! how s▓hould I remember that It was two years ●ago already.” “True, b

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ut▓—but your books would show.” “Yes, my● books would show the name the person ▓gave.” “Well, will you kin●dly refer to your books” ▓“Ach, you make me much trouble!—Yaku●b,” he called. The young man came. ▓ Arkush told Yakub to get him the le●dger for 18—.It was a ponderous and ding●y volume.Yakub held it open while his employe●r turned the pages, running his finger from ●the top to the bottom of each.At length th●e finger

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reached a stand-still.Mr.A▓rkush said, “Yes, I have found it.It was● pawned with me by a man calling himse●lf Joseph White.” “The date” ▓ “The 16th January.” “Have you ▓any means of recalling what sort of looking indi●vidual Joseph White was And, ▓by the way, is his residence ●given” “‘Residence, Harlem,’ it says.● That’s all.How should I remember ▓his looks” “Of c

mpliment , ●“be

ourse—you see so▓ many people in the course of a year, it ▓is not wonderful that you sh▓ould forget.—But tell me, did White● put any thing else in pawn that d●ay” “No, sir; nothing else.” “He s●imply pawned this one article and w●ent away; that’s all” “That▓’s all.” “Hum!” Merivale reflected.▓ At length he resumed.“But at any other ●time—that is, does White’s name appear on yo●ur ledger under any other date” ●“

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    Do you expect me to read through the book●” inquired Arkush, with the tone of

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    protestati▓on.“That is too much.” “I’●m awfully sorry to annoy you, but

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    this ▓information I am seeking is o●f such great importance—you unders▓tand

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    —it’s worth a considerati●on.” “Oh, well, that’s different●,” said Ar

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    kush.“What will you giv▓e” “I’ll give twenty-five cents f●or each month

▓ windo
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